Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Moontellers" for a Baby Shower

Cassie (my baking partner-in-crime) and I baked (and donated) close to 400 mini-cupcakes for our daughter's ballet performance over the weekend.  The performance was called "Moontellers" and explored multicultural folktales about the moon.

We decided that silky Swiss Meringue Buttercream was a definite must for these cupcakes as it pipes out BEAUTIFULLY and, in this case, adds to the dreamy quality we were going for with the little sparkly fondant moons that topped each cupcake.

 I think that these little cupcakes would be absolutely adorable at a baby shower along side a sweet and dreamy "moon" cake like the ones I feature below.  You could replace the little white moons on the cupcakes with little blue or yellow moons to match the cake beautifully.


Sweets for ballerinas or babies :)

Edible Glitter and Luster Dust are must haves for these little moons:

I LOVE this cake made by my girlfriend and fellow baker, Claire.  It's absolute perfection!

Here is a super cute and dreamy farm animal baby shower cake by Cakes We Bake.  Color the fondant for the moons on your cupcakes yellow instead of white and they would compliment the cake beautifully.

Remember - little extras like cupcakes and candy along side a fabulous cake all add to your party decor and whimsey.  I'll be talking about that more soon but in the meantime, try to add some extra touches next time you're planning your special party to make your party look even more amazing!



  1. momy i love you'r blog its so cute and the cake are adoribale

    1. Not as adorable as you are, Little Bear:) xox